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We can be flexible with our involvement, depending on the needs of your project we can handle the whole project ourselves or we can offer our expertise at different stages of your project to assist your teams deliver better solutions faster.

New product development

  • IP creation
  • Process development
  • Device and mixed-mode simulations
  • Custom design layout
  • Wafer-level testing
  • Packaged parts characterisation
  • System-level evaluation
  • Transfer from R&D to high volume production
  • Qualification
  • Product optimisation for high yield and reliability

Optimisation of existing products

  • Application-targeted product tuning and optimisation
  • Product evaluation in the application and robustness improvement
  • Final solution improvement by integration of additional features into the existing product
  • IP generation
  • Improved reliability and thermal performance

Transfer from R&D to production

  • Die optimisation for reduced size, high production yield and reliability
  • IP generation
  • HV reliability testing and qualification
  • SOA improvement

Interface with foundries/IDMs

  • Design, layout and process optimisation
  • Creation of competitive HV technologies from scratch
  • Development of HV products using existing process modules
  • Design and/or process tuning for improved yield, performance and lower cost
  • Application-specific product optimisation
  • IP generation

Optimisation for cost reduction

  • High voltage testing in the application
  • Yield, reliability and SOA improvement
  • IP generation for more competitive solution or new market penetration
  • Cost reduction
  • Qualification and reliability testing and improvement


  • Design of test circuitry for reliability evaluation
  • HV testing and evaluation of chip reliability
  • Process and design optimisation for improved reliability and better SOA
  • Optimisation for yield improvement

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