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Cambridge Microelectronics Ltd (Camutronics) is a fabless semiconductor company offering a range of proprietary discrete and integrated lateral high voltage semiconductors for energy-saving power electronics applications. Our aim is to deliver robust, optimised solutions for more efficient system performance. Our lateral integrated approach reduces number of components in the system leading to miniaturised and more cost-effective final products.

We have extensive experience in designing novel high voltage solutions up to 6.5kV, transferring research to industry and scaling R&D into very high volume production. We also offer a variety of consultancy services. Find out More

  • Application-driven High Voltage Power Semiconductor  development
  • Technology transfer from R&D to production for high yield and low cost
  • Product Reliability and Qualification
  • Thermal analysis and optimisation at device, package and application levels
  • High Voltage testing and product characterisation (wafer-level, packages)
  • Modelling, 2D and 3D device and mixed-mode simulations
  • Discrete and Power IC solutions
  • Superjunction devices, IGBTs, MOSFETs, JFETs, Diodes
  • Bulk Si, SOI, SiC, GaN, Diamond technologies

Cambridge Microelectronics Ltd. Registered in England and Wales.

1 Cambridge House Camboro Business Park, Oakington Road, Girton, Cambridge, CB3 0QH, United Kingdom

Registration no : 08096560. VAT no:137858767